Monday, August 14, 2006

Da Capo

Would you look at that... Da Capo is working up much faster than I would have imagined. The rows get longer and longer, but still they get done and it feels like progress. This weekend Gary and I are driving to Miami; I would like to be ready to work on one of the sleeves on the trip, although in this heat it may be better to bring along a sock to knit on in the car.

I don't have much else to report. Ilona leaves for Germany tomorrow and Philip leaves on Thursday or Friday. I have to say that I've spent a lot more time with Ilona than Philip this summer and will really miss having her to talk to. Yesterday we went to Florida Caverns; I haven't been there since Alexa (now 25) was in 4th grade.

Keep those letters and pictures coming. I would like to see some of Cathy's empty boxes.



Audrey said...

Yay Ellen! Your sweater thingy is coming along. It is so unique looking I can't wait to see it completed : )

Patricia said...

I am also working on DaCapo and have run into questions concerning the sleeve decreases. Would you be so kind as to take time to look over the directions? My questions concern the amount and rapidity of increases.