Friday, August 04, 2006

Lace Crazed

Just When I Thought I had Finished this Shawl---
I realized that there is something wrong with the pattern for the ending edging. If you compare the photos, you'll see that the beginning edging pattern (light turquoise) makes a well-defined point with shaping coming from a central column of slip 1, k2tog, psso. The edging pattern at the end has no such shaping, and any point is just an artifact of blocking. Well, after all the aggravation and bad language that went into this shawl, that crappy edging just will not do! I am working on a solution that will likely involve grafting (and more bad language) so stay tuned.

The green mohair fingers on the red table comprise my current mindless knitting project. The pattern is in Norwegian, but there is nothing to it but garter stitch, bind off, and cast on. This will also be a scarf, and it can be as long as 2 skeins will allow, or until I get sick of it.

Hanne Falkenberg has progressed as far as a 1.5 " swatch. If the gauge is off I'll have to buy another 30" circular needle, so I really hope it works.

Cathy, I hope your first day of school goes well. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your summer projects and really do want to get up to see the new house.


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Cathy said...

You have been going to town on the knitting. The lace shawl is gorgeous!
Will blog this weekend!