Thursday, March 02, 2006

We have an Olympic Gold Winner for the Knitting Olympics

Yes, Ellen is our Olympic Knitting Champion. IN a closer look to this athlete in the medal, who appears to be male with a ball of yarn in his right hand and the javelin needle in his left, he would certainly be in the minority. But I digress in the finer details of the medal and let's focus on the fact that Ellen accomplished her goal and to top it off, I can see her now dancing in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta with her cross and skullbones cap. YARRRRRRRH!

Thank you for the words of encouragement on the walking - Yesterday I put in a little over a mile - maybe those "a little over a mile" amounts can add up on a day that I can't seem to fit in that little bit of walking - anyway, we started a temporary blog for those interested in joining our 40 day 40 mile walk.
Those pointy things are getting a work out - I had to borrow some addi - turbos size 7s from a friend to quit fighting with some bamboo circulars on the baby blanket - the changes I have made are productive and it will be a much better blanket in the end. I would guess I am 1/3 - 1/2 through and the Addis make it clip right along at a nice fast pace.

Congratulations Ellen on your gold medal.
Naomi had a great grandson named Elliott who is precious and who she is going to see today!
Sharon has a new job which keeps her out in the public eye - and I love it! However, she is having computer trouble at home so not sure when she can post.
To all a good day. See Ellen at rehearsal tonight!

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