Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sock Convert

Dear Naomi et al,

I am excited about your sock plans. Socks provide quick (if not instant) gratification. About the yarn: I strongly recommend Trekking XXL or Socka by On Line. They are superwash wools (75% wool, 25% nylon, I think) and come in big skeins that will make two generous socks. They are softer than some superwash wools that I have used and knit up very even. They are not the cheapest sock yarn (about $14 a big skein) but nobody knits socks to save money. It is all about process, and I think the Harlot is right. You should think about the price of wool in dollars per hour of knitting time! I don't know if the T-ville LYS carries either of these yarns but I'm sure they are available online.

I am almost done with the black hole baby blanket. Just a few more rows of garter stitch border and a cast off will finish the knitting, and then a wash to get out the wine spots! I will take a picture before I give it away. I have also turned the heal on my first short-row heel sock. It was pretty easy the second time I tried it; carefully reading the instructions was a big help!

Gotta get back to work. The Florida Legislature is half-way through week 4 of our nine-week session!


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