Monday, March 27, 2006

Socks are Easy to Knit

I keep hearing how easy socks are to knit from Cathy, Martha and the Yarn Harlot. Ellen has shown pictures of all the pretty socks she has knitted and Cathy and Martha have shown us theirs. Dare I try? Kntting has been on the back burner at my house for a while but I have decided maybe now is the time to try socks. I do need socks and with my big feet it takes effort to find good ones. All I need are 2 tiny circular needles, some wool and a pattern that says easy. I found some really pretty yarn on the internet for $19.00 a skein but think I will try to find something less expensive for my maiden voyage. A catalog has some 80% wool 20% something else for $8.00 but shipping would be $8.00. Maybe it is time for me to locate the yarn shop in Thomasville. That would be a good field trip for Joe Ann and I-a visit to the yarn shop and lunch at one of the restaurants there. Next week is my vacation from therapy so that would be a good time to make the trip.
Cheers all. Naomi

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