Monday, January 30, 2006

Dear Pointy Ladies -
Here are my latest pointy projects: next to the top is the first cat bed, a present for Larry the Grandcat; next is a cat bed in its pre-felted state, a present for Lola the Grandcat; and last is a Turkish string bag, made on #11 needles out of 100% linen yarn. On needles are a baby blanket and a sock, using Wool-ease worsted weight and Trekking XXL, respectively. I am strongly attracted to this hat. Maybe I can use it in Norway, even if I will be there in June.

About Norway, this is the deal. My DH (not designated hitter) is going to Norway in May and June, and I will meet him there for about 2 weeks at the end of his trip. He has been there 3 times in about the past 8 years, working with an old graduate school friend at the University of Bergen. I have been able to join him for parts of 2 of these trips. I am very excited about going back to Bergen, but am not looking forward to the time when he will be in Norway and I'm in Tallahassee. In the past I have always had one or more of the children at home, but this time it will be just me and the cats. It will be hard to resist my natural tendency to stop cooking and live solely on cottage cheese and bananas (and Margaritas for the vitamin C.)

Is anyone else watching Bleak House on Masterpiece theatre? I am really enjoying it. I read the book in college just for fun, but I've forgotten most of the details. It seems like with Dickens it is easier to remember the atmosphere of the books than the actual plot, and the TV series has certainly captured the sense of folly and pending loss and ruin that I remember.

Today is my daughter Camille's 27th birthday. (Her picture is at the top.) I was almost 27 when she was born. It is hard to believe that my life has been equal parts without Camille and with Camille. She has always been a great first child: seemingly indestructable, and determined to be her own person, even before she could talk. She gave us a lot of confidence as parents, because whatever we did seemed to work out great. Maybe someday she will knit!

Cathy, I can't wait to see the finished product on the Spanish christening shawl. You have promised us a fabulous knit-on border. Does anyone else have projects to show and share?

Gotta flit. It is Bikram yoga night, so I have to get home and fix dinner for Gary and get to class early, or there won't be room for my mat.


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