Thursday, February 16, 2006

Playing with pointy things

Cathy, Ellen and Sharon,

It seems we have all been busy. I keep forgetting to take down the Christmas tree, I missed Epiphany and then St. Valentine's day but maybe I can get it down before St. Patrick's day.
For Christmas I received 100 g of NoBo yarn which is just perfect for the beret I want to knit and I found a beret pattern that seems appropriate for my knitting skill level, practicing on some other yarn first. Lots of increases but Cathy showed me an easier way to increase so that is my next project. Still working on the two shawls.

Ellen's cat beds are great. Lucky cats. Another superior product that Ellen produced is the beautiful daughter holding the kitten in her last post. Ellen asked about Bleak House on PBS. It was tempting but I am trying to wean myself from TV so opted not to watch. The last few months I became dependent on TV after years of seldom watching. Now the legislature is in session feel sure Ellen's days are long.

Two babies that Cathy is knitting shawls for arrived this week. One shawl is finished, one to go. And she has a pair of socks working. How does she do it ?

What's new with you Sharon?
Cheers all. Naomi

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