Monday, July 07, 2008

Fnished Objects, or, I've Been Bustin' my Stash

It makes me so happy to have a reason to make baby things, and my friend Martha's daughter is pleased to oblige by expecting a baby girl. The shower is this Saturday, and I'll bring this hat and booties plus a couple of cute little board books. (I totally ignored the baby registry; this child won't lack for necessities.) The pink yarn is "Mango" by Bouton d'Or, found on the 1/2 price table at a knitting shop in Charleston in 2006. The trim is a mohair blend by Gedfrida bought at Springwater Fibers in Alexandria, VA in 2005.

The pattern for this pullover is from Knit.1 (summer 2008) even though I am way out of its target demographic! I had not previously been able to find anything in the right guage (and yardage) for this yarn, which I bought in Norway in 2006.

This picture shows the detail on the yarn, a cotton blend ribbon with frayed edges which knitted up almost feeling like terry cloth. It also shows that I had plenty of it left, and could have made the top longer.

The linen (8/2 weaving linen) also came from Springwater Fibers in 2005. I try to visit the store whenever I get back to Alexandria, where I grew up. The 1/2 lb. cone cost $5, and there was a lot left over from this cardigan! It felt like I was knitting a hairshirt and had a strong but not stinky odor, but the odor and scratchiness both went away with washing.

It feels good to use these yarns that I bought without any particular plans but with the conviction that they would be good for the right project. I've worn the pullover and cardigan and both can be deemed successful. I hope mother and grandma approve of the hat and booties.

For next time I have pictures of works in progress, also from stash yarns.

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