Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fear of Commitment

I just can't commit to anything these days, but at least I'm making inroads into the stash. These are the most active works in progress, all using yarn I've had for at least a year.

I'm using the same weaving linen I used on the cardigan for this moss grid hand towel from Mason Dixon Knitting. In its unwashed state it looks about like the cardigan looked before washing and blocking. It really is like knitting with kitchen twine.

Ravelry shows 1452 knitters making this scarf, and that doesn't even include lurkers like me. The yarn is Trekking Pro Natura sock yarn, amd the needles are Signature Stiletto Points.
the scarf is about 30" long now, and I've used about 1/2 the yarn, but it won't be scarf weather in North Florida for a while.

Summer probably isn't the best time to make this huge Adventure Bag by Noni. It is like having a very large cat-on-lap. This one will be a Norwegian adventure bag, because the colored stripes are made with wool I brought back from Norway in 2006. While I was there I took lots of pictures of traditional Norwegian house colors and bought yarn in those colors.

This picture shows a display of house paint color chips in a hardware store in Bergen, in case you doubt that people actually paint their houses these colors.


Camille said...

Cool adventure bag Mom, nice colors.

Nancy said...

You have been busy! I LOVE the linen wrap. Sorry it was hard to work, but as you know linen gets better and better with every washing. Baby gift is cute as can be - that hat style is adorable.

That paint chip wall photo is great paired with your adventure bag-to-be, though I can relate to the cat in the lap analogy since my cats continue to want to sleep on me during summer.

juliet said...

The scarf is in a very pretty colour and I love the paint samples - NZ has lots of wooden houses and some are paitned quite fabulous colours, I've always found Scotland by comparison very drab in terms of the grey houses where we live (NOT pretty), the bag is fab - it looks like a magic bag where you put your hand in and pull out a fabulous suprise