Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Fire on the Mountain burns knitter

I'm right there with you Ellen with the socks with the sock serenity. However, mine just flew out the window. See this nice completed sock to the left here? It's Sock's that Rock Fire on the Mountain. It's been finished for a while, patiently waiting for its sister sock to be completed. Today I finished it. I was satisfied. I even though my tootsies might just be cool enough to try them on and wear them with pride. And as I was sitting and looking at them with a bit of pride thinking to myself that I was satisfied with the fact that I have finished at least 6 pairs that I can think of.

And then it appeared, staring right back at me. I thought to myself, you know, there appears to be my toe showing through my sock. Nah..... can't be.. hmmm so I wiggle my toes a little. What crossed my mind at that point was not repeatable - and what good would it do anyway? Needless to say, nausea started to set in. And no good blog would not provide you with the evidence of a sock gone bad.

The kitchener stitch went off without a hitch (hmmm poetry)...this is like having a run in your hose - a stitch escaping a toe hold.

While Ellen is tweaking and deciding between size 0, 1, 1.5, and 2 needles and finding the perfect fit, Cathy is dealing with bigger fish to fry - because starting off with a hole in the toe of a sock is about as bad as having a hole in unmentionables.

So.... my next venture after this repair, should it be my mission, will begin with a toe up sock without the seam.


Ellen said...

Cathy - I feel your pain. Knitting is wonderful; re-knitting is soul-sucking.

Audrey said...

Wow Cathy, I am sad to hear about your sock problems. The yarn is pretty though : )