Monday, February 20, 2006

Socks that Rock, Baby Blankets and a Hit Man

Dear Pointy Things friends.
The weekend was cold enough to have a fire - raw and wet and cold. Today was still cloudy, but I had to kick the A/C on to get some cooler air in this place.

I know that Ellen is an Olympic knitter and would like to see the progress on her project. I for one, am by the sidelines cheering all on as they work towards the finish line. I present you with a finished project that has NOTHING to do with the Olympics, but if I were there, I would have them on my tootsies. Socks that Rock Yarn in the Mesa colorway - size 2 needles - cast on 56 and sock away. They feel good on the feet - it's always interesting to hear the comments when you tell folks you are wearing wool socks. They ask 2 things most of the time. Don't they make your feet and legs itch (NO), and don't your feet sweat (NO).

Status of baby blankets - the one that went to rehab is in phase one of recovery - I have bordered it with a garter stitch where I don't have to add an edge to it. Should have been smart and done it in the first place. The one for Elliott has the center finished and is ready for the edging to begin.

Also on the needle: Ellen and I are working on trying to match up a sock joint effort - she has completed one sock and I am in the midst of working on the other - it's been interesting that her size 1 knitting work is looser than my size 2 knitting work giving a completely different look. So I am now on size 1's again since my size 2's would be too big in circumference, but cannot adjust the number of stitches cast on due to the pattern of the sock. Knitting can be so interesting!

ON the reading front: Been slowed down by doing a little reading. Finished reading The Rebel Angel by Robertson Davies - that was an interesting book. Focused too much on stuff that, if I put some of the terms in this blog, would probably get some hits from folks searching for more than just knitting - they would be so disappointed.
More interestingly, I am reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins - found that gem on CSpan's weekend Book TV.

Well Presidents' Day came and went - so now we start a new week on Tuesday!


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