Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old Projects, Knitter Gifts, New Plans

My goal had been to finish the Hanne Falkenberg-esque tank top before the new year, and I missed by only a few hours. It had its beginning last spring; I was wearing the cardigan in a cold meeting room, and it occurred to me that I had enough leftover wool to make a matching sleeveless pullover. It would be a Falkenberg twinset! It was pretty easy until I got to the shoulder pieces, which were a conceptual challenge, and then the weather got too hot to think about wool sweaters. In early December I pulled it out, and had two unsucessful attempts. The third time was the charm, but it was harrowing becasue the blue yarn was disappearing fast! I finished with about 6 inches to spare.

My children, who all excel at taking hints, gave me knitting presents. DD1 gave me
The Knitter's Book of Yarn and A History of Hand Knitting. DD2 gave me a precision scale for weighing yarn, and DS came through with a pair of Signature Needles (size 4, 7", stiletto points.)

2007 ended with with 3 WIPs: a seed stitch necktie in Silky Wool, ad scarf from a kit that DD1 bought in Paris, and the Elven Cloak. Since New Years I've worked 5 rows of Silver Belle , which is an accomplishment at 400+ stitches per row! Other projects in the queue are a scarf out of some Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino worked on the Signature needles, using a pattern from the Knitters' Book of Yarn, and diagonal washcloths in Patons Grace in Tangelo, to match the saffron kitchen color.

As for resolutions, there are only three. First I resolve to improve the quality of my purling. Second I resolve to knit at least every other project from my stash. The last resolution is the hardest; I resolve to knit less. Knitting is so much fun and is so reinforcing that it seems to have crowded out other important things from my life. I resolve to get myself back to the garden (just like Joni Mitchell said) and the gym.


knitonlybutalso said...

That is just stunning - really goegeous and the twinset looks like it was it was meant from the start, I am just amazed at how effortlessly the tank goes with the original - that is true genius. I think I would drop the knitting less resolution - not when you have this much talent!

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Great job on finishing your twin set! That looks perfect for FL.

I know what you mean about loving knitting, but needing to garden! My roses and beds are calling for winter cleanup. My poor husband would like a little more cooking effort too.

Those 400+ projects can be wicked! Love the color though!