Friday, June 29, 2012

Projects Done and Begun

For a while I had wanted to make something to organize and store all the double-point needles that were stashed in a box with crochet hooks, stitch markers, and assorted small tools. The cases for sale on Etsy are beautiful, but I wasn't sure they would be big enough, and I really wanted to make one out of fabric and supplies I had on hand.
This is what I came up with. There are 2 pockets (short and long) for each size and the pockets are 2" wide. I forgot that I have a set of #1.5 needles, so they are living uneasily with the #2s. I had no idea I have so many #0 and #1 needles, especially since I hardly ever make socks.
This is Baby Sophisticate, knit for Creations for Charity--Tallahassee, FL. I used yarn that Ilona had sent from Germany several years ago, and have enough left to make another sweater just like it.
Not much to look at, but this is the beginning of a soaker for DGS. He is reported to have outgrown the first batch. The forecast is for temperatures near 100 this weekend, so it looks like a good time for indoor projects. Cleaning the sewing room (I can't call it a studio) should be first in the queue.

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