Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting my (Knitting) Life Back

What a month this has been! Between June 1 and June 14 I worked 90 hours of overtime! No wonder my knitting output fell off.The big project is done, and I am now answering questions and reporting on results, but at least it can be done during a regular workday.

Fortunately, the project did not interfere with my upcoming vacation. On July 6, DH and DS and I go to Copenhagen for 6 days, then to Berlin for 8 days, and back to Copenhagen for 2 days and the flight home. I like the idea of returning to Copenhagen; if we realize we missed something important or really want to see something again there will be an opportunity. DH has a conference in Copenhagen, but for me the trip is pure vacation, and it is for him, too, after the first 5 days. I am lucky to have married a man who is so much fun to travel with.

Last weekend we saw Paris, Je taime. It is very charming and funny in places, and there is a shot of a Paris yarn shop in Montmartre. I will be researching the yarn shops of Copenhagen and Berlin, plus Dresden and Leipzig, which are likely day trips.

The projects pictured above are a button-front top in Berocco Yoga, and the beginnings of a shawl in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. The top is from a Berocco leaflet and worked up easily. The shawl is all garter stitch, 26 st and 24 rows making a 6" square. I worked out the color placement using cut up paint chips. I want to finish the shawl before the trip because I think it would be a good airplane wrap.

After I finish the shawl I'll get back to the Hanne Flakenberg wannabe twinset. The back is finished and the front well-started; I just hope it works as I envision it.


Holly said...

There are great yarn stores in both Kovenhagen and Berlin.
Have a wonderful time!

camillaknits said...

Count yourself up one reader! I've got you marked in the feeds as well. The photos of the lace were nice (and sad. so sorry for the frogging you had to do.) I wish things weren't so hectic around here, as lace seems to need a bit of attention to get right. I may, in the throes of desperation, just knit myself a jumbled up mess, block it *severely* and wear it with the pride of a mom of 5. You think other knitters would get the humor in that? Thanks for an inspiring post! Cami

Anonymous said...

I've got loads of the 1824 cotton stashed, but no more than two or three of any one color ... what a great idea!

Your top is a great color on you, especially out in your garden! Very summery. Did you like that Berocco book overall? I'm liking their patterns more lately.

Your trip sounds wonderful. My summer vacation is driving my DH and kids to the airport so they can go RVing with my in-laws. Something tells me that by mid-July I will NEED six days alone.

Be sure post any good fiber (or other great) photos for us armchair travelers.

Nancy (Knitting Wench)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ellen - read your comment on Yarn Harlot and thought i would drop on by to say hello! Your lace scarf is stunning. I have been wanting to do a lace shawl for ages but other things (read: life, work, parenting, other projects) have so far gotten in the way. Hope you have a wonderful trip.


Cathy said...

I need to get on the knitting bandwagon and get some stuff cranked out - will post soon - we'll be meeting up tomorrow!

Camille said...

I can't believe you got Kitza to stay still for long enough to take the picture. Your top matches the yard nicely!