Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost in Lace

What has happened to the knitting side of my brain? Last night I was looking forward to completing another section of the Penobscott Scarf just as I had done the previous nights. (You can see on the picture the section labeled "normal night.") Something was different, though, and it had nothing to do with the amount of alcohol I had consumed. I could not get this silly little mindless lace pattern to work. The pattern is only on the knit side, and it has 4 repeats over 25 stitches plus 1. How hard can that be? Well last night, it was too hard, as you can see by the part marked "last night." I ripped back at least 1 row for every 2 I worked. The really galling part is that I realized early on that it wasn't going well, and that I should put it down and back away slowly, but no, I kept thinking I'd do just one more row to "get it right." DH and I were watching Notes on a Scandal; maybe it was more distracting than I realized. It is a very creepy movie.

The other picture is me in my usual knitting spot, with my usual knitting companion, Frau Kitze. I often have to extricate her claws from clothes and knitting, but she is very sweet and loving. I am working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman sock, which has become a black hole of knitting inertia. It is time to remove the soles and try again, or not.

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