Sunday, July 16, 2006

Too hot to knit

Hello all. I decided it was time to post a brief blog so all will know I am still alive.

Ellen, your stash is great. I see no reason why you might not acquire more yarn if it is on sale or if it is too beautiful to pass up or if it is just what you are looking for or or any other reason you might have.

Now to my knitting. I have finally finished the black cotton shawl except for a little bit of fringe.
My sock knitting is progressing slow. I have cast on stitches several times and am on my third attempt to do the first k1 p1 row, it is easy for me to lose count. But I will persevere as soon as I locate my sock pattern which I misplaced. I was sure it was in my knitting folder. Cathy's mom, Joe Ann, and I made an excursion to Thomasville to the yarn shop and bought more than one skein plus the circulaer Addis. Some of the yarn is gorgeous solid color silk blend, and some are multicolor wool/nylon blend. It is very hard to get excited about knitting when the weather is 100+ before adding the heat index.

Happy knitting all. Keep cool.

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