Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rainy Day Activity

Hey Cathy, Ellen and Naomi,
Cold and rainy all day long. Blechk! Denny and I decided to make brownies. I go through phases with brownies. Kind of on a brownie quest. For a while I preferred cakey ones. Lately it's fudgey. Here is the recipe for the brownies we baked today. They're really good. Den threw in an extra handful of chocolate chips and we used some of the Elliot pecans my dad shared with us. Then Den was inspired to add a teaspoon of vanilla. We've made this recipe before, the vanilla was a nice addition. We had a cup of coffee, a couple of brownies and enjoyed the rain.

Cathy, I love the Dancing Grannies. They're funky and jazzy, it's hard to believe they come from a traditional pattern. Ellen, your sweater is lovely. Great color on you and looks like a good fit, too.

I have been working on the Noro hat off and on...had to rip it out three times. I got a mobius loop in it twice and messed up the knitting the third time. On the positive side, I got to try 3 different cast-ons ;-) Like the brownies, I'm on a cast-on quest. At first I tried the knitted cast-on, next the long tail cast-on (Sally Melville, in her book, The Knitting Experience, Purl Stitch, suggests estimating yarn length for long-tail cast-on for a hat as 2.5 times the circumference of your was right on), the last was the reverse e-wrap. For the Noro hat, it seemed like the first 2 created too thick an edge for this hat. The reverse e-wrap, though a booger to knit the first row, was just right to begin this hat. To avoid a mobius loop you have to make sure all the cast-on stitches are lined up straight when you knit the first row. If there is a twist, it keeps knitting in a twist. I am using Noro Kureyon 90. The picture on the left shows the twist. The one below shows the colors better. I love this yarn. The best price for it is at Little Knits
Kureyon felts well and is the original yarn for the Booga Bag. I wish I could stock up for a ton of projects.
Well, it looks like I stayed up way too late's 2:35 ahoy Hope I can make it to Sunday School in the morning...AAAH!

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