Thursday, December 08, 2005


G'day Ellen, Cathy and Naomi,
Thanks for the warm welcome aboard the good ship Plays with Pointy Things. Following the nautical theme, I'm trying to get my sea legs around here.

I'm looking forward to the concert by Voces Angelorum this evening. Wish the weather was better. Good luck with work, Ellen. I used to be the clerk for my little town of Brinson and was responsible for the finances (though technically the Council was, but you know how that goes). It was an interesting but sometimes frustrating job. Brinson is so small (pop. 225), I doubt its budget would even show up as a blip next to the State of Florida's.

This morning my mind has been rummaging through memories of events of the past year. It was a year ago, almost to the day, when I awoke to an interview with Charles Witmer on WFSU. He was promoting the Christmas concert for Voces Angelorum. Most of the time the radio doesn't even register when it first goes off. I'm too drowsy. But I think this was fate. Attending that concert, I reconnected with Cathy after having drifted apart for a few years. An existing friendship rebloomed. In turn, this led me back to the Episcopal Church and the wonderful congregation at St. John's, where both Cathy and Naomi attend. This led to the Prayer Shawl Ministry, learning to knit and the knitting friends (Ellen among them) and a new hobby. Most oddly, now I'm a blogger! I guess that's why they call it the "web of life". Somehow everything is connected. Though I doubt that is a nautical term!

Blogging has led to a peculiar carry my camera with me at all times. Now I have to figure out how to post photos. No! No! Don't anyone tell me (yet anyway). There is a little icon up top I'm going to try.

Hope to see you this evening,

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